Today, we want to present our latest product: the new Energy Headphones BT1 Bluetooth. These wireless  headphones are available in 3 different colours: mint, coral and graphite and have Bluetooth 3.0 that will enable you to synchronize them with your smartphone and listen to your songs wirelessly, thus making your music experience even more enjoyable.

Like all our devices, the Energy Headphones BT1 Bluetooth include a built-in microphone that enables users to answer their calls by pressing one of the buttons on the headphones. The music will stop and your phone will start to ring as soon as someone calls you. You just have to answer by pressing one of the buttons on the headphones and once the call is finished, the song that you were listening to will resume from where it stopped. Furthermore, you can control the playlist and turn the volume up or down through the perfectly integrated buttons.

Its battery life lasts up to 8 hours without interruption and the battery weight is only 110 g. Therefore, we are convinced that the new Energy Headphones BT1 Bluetooth are the perfect device for you or even the perfect gift to give to whoever you want. You can get a pair of them for only 19.90 € and turn them into the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.



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