2016 has arrived and it starts with many new goals, new aims to achieve: give up smoking, go regularly to the gym… All those things that we always resolve to do and only achieve occasionally. Goals to accomplish throughout this new year that has just started.

Our Energy team wants to propose another challenge, a challenge to add to your list.  Something easy but complicated at the same time. This year don’t forget that the most important thing is to live.

We invite you to forget a little bit about social networks, e-mails, whatsapps and to remember that technology helps but does not replace a conversation, a hug, a kiss…

This year, enjoy the best version of life, go for a coffee with your friends and forget completely about your smartphone, go running without worrying about the amount of burned calories or the amount of kilometres measured with runtastic, sing and dance at a concert without trying to get the best selfie for Facebook.

This 2016 don’t forget the most important thing, don’t forget to LIVE! (Click on the video 🙂 )

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