How many times did you have the possibility of connecting to a free Wi-Fi network while you were in a public place and you didn’t give it a try because you thought it wasn’t safe? Bars, restaurants, airports… Anyone connected to that network could access your personal data, right?

The VPN networks (Virtual Private Network) are a type of network that consists in extending a private network across a public network so that you can surf the net in encrypted form or what is the same, surf the net safely as if you were at home.

Apart from offering their users a secure surfing experience, these networks enable them to access web sites that are geographically blocked. For instance, if you are travelling within a country in which Internet access is restricted, you can enjoy Internet through a VPN network. How? Quite easy. If you are using a VPN network that is located in another country, it’s like you’re virtually in that country although in reality you’re in the one where the Internet access is blocked.

Another function is the connection to a working network. If you are constantly travelling because of your job, it is important for you to know that you can access your working network and keep all your material protected through VPN networks.

These are some of the many possibilities that they offer and you can install them in PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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