Halfway between laptop and smartphone, tablets have become one of the most versatile and functional devices in the market. Due to their lightweight, boot speed, screen quality and high definition, the Energy Tablets are the perfect choice for your free time as well as for your job.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you take into account some advice in order to enjoy your tablet for a very long, long time:

·         Cleaning is key

The most appropriate way to do this is to use a soft cloth (preferably a microfibre cloth) slightly wet with water and soap. Don’t use any rough cloths or paper to clean it.

Another recommended measure is to use a screen protector that will keep it protected from dust, sand and dirt (as well as scratches).

·         Use a protective case

It is, without a doubt, your Energy Tablet’s best friend since it prevents that your tablet gets severely damaged when falling to the floor or accidentally hitting something.

Have you seen the Energy Tablet Cases? They are made of a highly resistant material, with microfibre inside that protects the screen from scratches. Furthermore, they include a system that enables to fold the case horizontally. And they look so nice…

·         Beware of viruses!

Since tablets are devices that are connected to Internet, they may be infected by viruses. To avoid this, we strongly recommend to download an antivirus that you trust and that protects your operating system.

·         Some advice more…

Try not to overload it with thousand files and useless apps because tablets don’t have a storage capacity as big as a computer, just to mention one thing. The less overloaded your tablet is, the better and faster that it will work.

-Don’t put it near any heating source or leave it in the sun for a long period of time since this could damage it severely. Pay special attention in summer!

-If you are taking it to the beach, beware of the sand. It is quite corrosive and could damage the screen or get into your tablet through the headphones’ and battery outlets affecting, this way, different internal components.

-If you are travelling to other countries, pay special attention to the voltage when charging the battery.


That was all! Now it’s time to enjoy your tablet! 😉

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