Tablet 8 Windows

Can a tablet replace your PC? The latest technological innovations enable users to access the content stored in the cloud from any device, regardless of whether it is for work or fun. We know the importance of portability and output when it comes to select the best technology. Therefore, we launch today the new Energy Tablet 8″ Windows, a device that has been conceived with the aim of making it possible for you to access your working files and enjoy your free time with what you like most.

This tablet has a  8″ IPS screen for much brighter and sharper colours, thus displaying contents perfectly from any viewing angle. It also has a HDMI connector to connect the device to your tv. Sharing the photos of your latest trip with your family and friends has never been so easy.

Your tablet comprises a Quad Core Intel Atom Z3735F processor that provides the necessary power to run your applications at the highest speed and eMMC internal memory of 16 GB to save as many contents as you want. And if this was not enough, the new Energy Tablet 8″ Windows includes the latest version of Windows operating system so that you can make the most of all the possibilities that your tablet has to offer.

All this with compact size and ergonomic design to be able to work even with only one hand. What are you waiting for? Visit our web site to get all the details.

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