It happens quite often that from the union of two great things results something outstanding.

It is the case, for instance, of the famous cronut, which is the result of combining a doughnut and a croissant. Something that is causing a sensation now.

And what about the famous snuggle blanket? Comfortable, soft, light as a robe and warm as a blanket. Perfect to spend cosy winter evenings on the sofa.

And who could ever think that so different flavours like chocolate and mint could be such a good combination? Nevertheless, that’s the way it is… Proof of this are the famous After Eight mints.

You already knew all those successful combinations, didn’t you? Now think about how it would be to combine all advantages of an ebook reader and of Android in just one device.

You can stop daydreaming because now it is a reality: the new Energy eReader Pro HD is much more than an ebook reader.

Read your books in HD

Time flies when you immerse yourself into your favourite book… And even more if you do it through a 6″ multi-touch display with E-Ink Carta™ HD that makes it possible to read any content with excellent viewing quality and wihout straining your eyes. Furthermore, it comes with integrated light so that you can enjoy your reading any time of the day, even in low light environments. On the other hand, its anti-glare system prevents annoying reflections from appearing, thus ensuring that you enjoy your book.

Your files any time, anywhere

Energy Sistem’s Pro HD is much more than an ebook reader since it enables you to buy ebooks, read your favourite newspapers or check your files in the cloud. You will be connected all the time wherever you are thanks to its Wi-Fi connection.

All Android possibilities at the palm of your hand

And in case this is not enough, the Energy eReader Pro HD has a Dual Core processor and an Android™ operating system that gives you access to Google Play and lets you download apps like Gmail, Google Play Books, Dictionaries or Dropbox, just to mention a few. Furthermore, it includes 1,500 classics of Universal Literature.

Therefore, the Energy eReader Pro HD is, without a doubt, much more than a simple ebook reader.

Never before an ebook reader and an Android device complemented each other so well.

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