We have just started the month of February and we already have the most romantic day of the year around the corner… Valentine’s Day!

Since we are romantic by nature and we know that you really want to surprise that special someone with technology and design, we have decided to start a new special promotion for Valentine’s Day.

Starting today and until 14th February, you can profit from 20% discount when buying the second unit of any Energy product.

Smartphones and tablets for those who are always connected, eReaders for book lovers, music towers, mp3 and mp4 players and headphones for all music lovers, accessories for those who want to follow the latest trends

You can choose two en Energy products, no matter if they are the same or different, to give to that person that has stolen your heart… Or even better, a product for each of you!  What could be better than sharing when you are in love?

So what are you waiting for? Profit from our special Valentine’s promotion until 14th February.

You are going to fall in love!

*The discount in each order will be applied on the item with the same or lower price. This promo is not compatible with Energies of the Energy Club.

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