If you are a book lover, if you can’t stop reading and you devour any book you get your hands on, these apps are perfect for you.

Apps that you can download to your smartphone, tablet and now to your Energy eReader Pro HD, too thanks to the integrated Android operating system.

Among the apps that you will love to have on your device if you’re really into reading, the most interesting are as follows:

  • Goodreads: If you want to be updated with the latest publishing news and you want to know the opinion of other readers before buying a certain book, this one is a must. This app, property of Amazon since 2013, is the social network of all book lovers. Nowadays, it has more than 40 million registered users, a billion books and millions of opinions and recommendations. It is the great book database. Believe us: if it’s not in Goodreads, it doesn’t exist.
  • Google Play Books: is the most well-known book app in the world and for many people the best book reader for mobile devices (you can upload both epub and PDF files). However, it is more than just a reader because it allows users to highlight sentences or words, add notes, save interesting paragraphs and even has 3D effects. One of the users’ favourite functions is the possibility to go on reading even without Internet.
  • Moon Reader: a very complete app that works as a book reader and supports many different formats (epub, PDF, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip o OPDS) and many customize options that you will adore. There is a free version but some functions are only available on the paid version.
  • Wattpad: great community of readers and writers that allows sharing books through social networks, blogs and forums. With more than 10 million registered books is an unlimited international library of free books that is constantly growing. It is among the most downloaded apps.
  • Aldiko: if you are learning a foreign language and looking for books to read, this app is perfect for you since it includes e-books in different languages such as Italian or German. Furthermore, it allows to create different book sections according to your interests. It is, in fact, one of the Google Play readers with more customize options that supports both epub as PDF files.

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