Because he is the best dad in the whole world. Because you know that you can count on him for everything. Because he always knows how to make you laugh. Because he taught you how to ride a bike.

Because you always have a great time together. Because he can repair anything. Because he has endless patience. Because he is the most handsome man you know. 😉

Because he always gives you the best advice. Because he brings out the best in you. Because you admire him. Because he’s always there for whatever you need.

Because you trust him completely and he trusts you blindly, too. Because you miss him. Because he’s special and you love him. A lot.

For so many reasons, for so many moments together and the moments that are yet to come…

Father’s Day is drawing near and you’ll certainly want to surprise him with something special. Have you thought about technology? Starting today and until 19th March you can profit from our Father’s Day special promotion by getting 500 extra Energies (equivalent to a discount of 5 euros) to buy any Energy product: smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, audio products…

  • If your dad is one of those that like to be “online” all the time, he will surely like the Energy Phone Pro Qi, the most complete smartphone: Octa Core processor, 5.0″ ultra-slim OGS display, 5.0 MP wide-angle front camera and 13.0 MP rear camera with auto-focus and double flash, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, MHL, 32 GB and wireless charge.
  • If he’s looking for a portable device to store everything, you will hit the nail on the head with the Tablet 10.1″ Pro Windows . With 10.1″ IPS display Core processor, Windows 8.1, 0ffice 365, 32 GB internal memory and unlimited storage space on OneDrive is the perfect device to combine both work and leisure. Perfect for active dads that can cope with everything!
  • If he devours any book he gets his hands on, the new range of Energy HD e-book readers with 6″ E-Ink Carta HD and anti-glare system will blow his mind.
  • And if your father is a music lover, he will enjoy his favourite songs with maximum speed and quality at home thanks to the Bluetooth Tower.

If he already has an Energy Phone, Tablet or e-book reader, you can give him a case  to keep it protected and trendy.

Have you already chosen what are you going to give the best dad in the world? You can’t say we haven’t given you any ideas… 😀

*And don’t forget! From 1st to 19th March we give 500 Energies away to buy any Energy product. 

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