Have you got a business idea? Are you thinking about founding a start-up? Have you created your own enterprise and work hard every day to carry out your business? If you’re reading this post, it is probably because you have answered “yes” to at least, one of the above questions.

Nowadays, there is a great amount of apps that help entrepreneurs to set in motion their business idea and carry out their business activity, thus simplifying the multiple tasks that must be accomplished.

In this post we have selected some of the most essential apps although you’ll find many more in the Play Store  that will help you through all stages: from developing the idea, going through time planning and management to financial administration.

Now, we will list 5 apps aimed at entrepreneurs that you can download to your smartphone or tablet and that will surely help you to organize your work much better as well as increase productivity:

  • Evernote: it is undoubtedly an essential app if you are an entrepeneur. Who doesn’t need a note pad to write those ideas that come unexpectedly, pending tasks, appointments, contacts, etc? Evernote is the most complete and used electronic note pad worldwide, a modern working space that is instantly available on all your devices and enables users to work anywhere. Just as the elephant of their icon and the legendary memory of this animal suggests, with this app you won’t forget anything and you will have all your tasks and obligations up to date.
  • Dropbox and Google Drive: both are essential tools not only for entrepreneurs but also for work teams, students, etc. They enable users to send and save a great amount of different files. With these tools, several persons can edit and make modifications to the very same project easily and simultaneously.
  • Skype: another essential app nowadays since it allows to make calls (or video calls) for free from our PC, smartphone or tablet. If you call your partner, a client or supplier and don’t want to get a heart attack when checking your phone bill, make the most of your Internet connection to make calls or video calls for your meetings with great sound quality and completely free of charge. Although Skype is the most popular app of its kind, there are also other interesting alternatives like Viber or Tango.
  • Expensify: Are you self-employed but are your business finances giving you a hard time? Don’t worry! With Expensify you will be able to keep track of all your expenses and financial obligations and sort them into categories. It also gives you the possibility of including receipt photos to have all your accounting organized and up to date.
  • Monefy-Expense Manager: another interesting app to keep your expenses up to date. Monefy makes it possible to track all your expenses in quite an easy way from your mobile phone. You only have to add each payment made (breakfast, taxi, parking, etc) with just one click and instantly. You don’t have to fill out anything, just add the amount paid. It has never been so easy and fast to keep track of your finances!

Now, you know: if you are self-employed or are about to embark on the adventure of starting your own business, these apps can be really useful in your daily work routine. Did you know them? Which ones would you choose to improve the way you organize work? 😉

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