23rd April is near: Let’s celebrate World Book Day!

This year, we want to pave the way to this very special occasion with a new special promo for all book lovers that you’ll simply adore: starting today and until 23rd April, we give you 500 free Energies to buy any Energy eReader.

If you are considering buying a new e-book reader or have decided to finally replace your paper books with electronic ones, this is the perfect time to do it!

If you like to carry all your favourite books with you, you’re going to adore the eReader Slim and Slim HD: thin, compact and ultralight. In addition, its 6″ E-Ink Carta display with 16 grey levels, advanced reading functions and 8 GB internal memory will provide a more satisfying experience than the traditional paper format.

If you are one of those who likes to read before going to sleep, do not hesitate any more: the Energy eReader screenlight is the perfect choice for you: its 6″ HD E-Ink Carta display with built-in light and anti-glare system offers an optimal reading experience in all light conditions. Furthermore, it’s compact and ergonomic. Since it is only 8.1 mm thick, you can keep it anywhere or read for hours and hours comfortably while holding it firmly. It also includes 1,500 classics of world literature and side buttons for a great reading experience.

But if you are searching for more than an e-book reader, you cannot miss the eReader Pro HD: an e-book reader with 6” E-Ink Carta™ HD multitouch display, built-in light and anti-glare system, just to mention a few highlights. Other important product features are Wi-Fi connectivity, Dual Core processor and Android™ operating system to access Google Play and download applications such as Gmail, Google Play Books, Dictionaries or Dropbox among others. In addition, you will also be able to buy your e-books, read your favorite newspapers or check your files in the Cloud. All Android features in just one e-book reader!

If you are passionate about reading, if you can lose track of time between the pages of a good book, if you dream of having an e-book reader… profit from our special Book Day promotion and get 500 Energies to buy an Energy eReader and discover a new way of reading books.

*Promotion valid from 18th to 23rd April. Only for Energy Club members.

**The Energies of this promotion are not valid for eReaders that are sold at a reduced price.

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