Have your clients asked about the new Energy eReaders HD? Do they ask you questions on the distinctive aspects, features and technical specifications of each model? Do they ask perhaps for your advice on this or this other model?

If that’s the case and you don’t always know what to answer, don’t worry because in this post we are going to explain the differences between the 3 Energy eReaders HD and their corresponding features. This way, you will be able to inform your customers and recommend the model that suits best their necessities.

Let’s start with the eReader Slim HD: elegant, thin, compact and surprisingly light. Its 7.6 mm thickness and 176 g weight make it easier to take your complete library along wherever you want, even in your pocket! And when we say your “complete library”, we really mean it: thanks to its 8 GB internal memory (expandable by a further 64 GB via microSD cards) you will be able to save thousands of books.

The eReader Slim HD takes care of your eyes, too: its 6″ screen with E-ink Carta HD, 212 ppp, 16 grey levels and anti-glare system provides a high contrast to read for hours and hours without tiring your eyes. An experience as real as reading on paper! Furthermore, its lithium battery can last one month with a single charge so you can enjoy long reading sessions everywhere. With a Linux based operating system,it supports Adobe® DRM (Digital Rights Management) in PDF and EPUB formats. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface in different languages makes it very easy to use.

The eReader Screenlight HD  has also a 6″ E-Ink Carta HD display with anti-glare system, 212 ppp and 16 grey levels but its main distinctive and newest feature in comparison to the Slim HD is its screen with built-in light. You can adjust the brightness in order to enjoy an optimal reading experience in any lighting condition. The perfect e-book reader for those who enjoy reading before going to bed!

Not to mention that is compact and ergonomic. Since it’s just 8.1 mm thick and weights 181 g, you can take it everywhere and save all your books to its 8 GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 64 GB via external cards.

And last but not least, we will present the latest product addition: the Energy eReader Pro HD with 6″ multitouch screen, E-ink Carta™ HD, built-in light and anti-glare system. It also includes a Dual Core Processor and Android™ operating system to have a unique experience.

The Energy Pro HD is, with no doubt, much more than an e-book reader and offers endless functions that go from buying e-books, reading your favourite newspapers, checking files on the Cloud to downloading apps like Gmail, Google Play Books, Dictionaries or Dropbox. You will always be connected via Wi-Fi, no matter where you are.

And now? Do you know the 3 Energy eReaders HD better?


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