The new concept that will change the way you understand, feel and listen to the music at home is finally here.

It’s the Energy Multiroom, a new sound system that will enable you to control the songs played in each room of your house through an user friendly application.

One space, one music style. One room, one song.  Now, you can choose the music you want to listen to in every house corner and become your own orchestra conductor.  Rock, pop, hip-hop, chill-out, Spanish music, blues, classic, sound tracks, opera, folk… Fill every corner of your house with the sound you prefer in every moment thanks to these two devices:

  • Energy Multiroom Portable Wi-Fi: a portable speaker with 1 sound, 25 W, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 2050 mAh battery. Besides, this speaker can play your music via Bluetooth, USB sticks or SD cads.  To honour its name, it has a compact design with a handle to transport it wherever you want and enjoy the best music everywhere.
  • Energy Multiroom Tower Wi-Fi: a 1 sound tower with 60W power, Wi-Fi connection andtouch panel to control the music from the device itself too. Just like the Energy Multiroom Portable Wi-Fi, this sound tower has Bluetooth 4.0 technology, SD card and USB stick reader as well as two USB ports to charge the battery of your smartphone, tablet or any other device.

Both devices are based on the Multiroom sound system, which allows you to control the music playback in every room through an exclusive application: Energy Multiroom Wi-Fi, available for smartphone and tablet at the Play Store.

In order to enjoy the Multiroom experience at home, you just have to connect to a Wi-Fi network and synchronize the devices following some simple instructions.  The app will enable you to play the songs stored on your smartphone, connect to Spotify or to a radio station in TuneIn and choose which audio track you want to hear on each device.

Like this, this new sound system allows you to choose between playing different songs in each room or pairing all your devices to play the same song simultaneously. And all this from your living room via the app.

Isn’t that amazing? And what about you? What are you waiting for to discover the Multiroom experience?


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