If we asked you to mention a streaming music app to listen to music on your smartphone, tablet or PC, you would probably mention the first one that came to your mind: Spotify. It is certainly the most popular app when it comes to listen to music online.

But since we always like to go beyond all that, we’re going to show you some interesting alternatives to the “Jolly green giant” to choose from so that you can enjoy the songs of your favourite artists via online streaming.

  • Deezer Music: it is quite similar to Spotify. As the above mentioned app, Deezer gives you the possibility to create and edit your own playlists as well as to share your favourite songs on social networks or discover bands and artists thanks to the customized suggestions. The main difference, however, is that Deezer shows the songs’ lyrics on screen while you listen to them. Regarding this point, Deezer is the absolute winner!
  • SoundCloud Music & Audio: perfect to discover new artists and songs. Here both professional and amateur artists offer their songs for free. As Deezer and Spotify, it allows to create playlists but above all characteristics, its most important feature is the social part since you can use this streaming service to share your favourite music on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Thanks to this app, people from all over the world can share all kinds of music.
  • Google Play Music: It follows the line of Spotify or Deezer, thus enabling users to search for their favourite songs and listen to them on their mobile devices as well as to discover new artists and create and share playlists. In the style of these two apps, Google Play Music also offers a free version that includes some ads.
  • TuneIn Radio: Another app concept that you’ll love if you’re a radio lover and like to discover new radio stations that are very different from the ones you usually listen to. TuneIn Radio gives you access to the music of more than 100,000 radio stations from all over the world. You will be able to listen to music and also keep track of sports, news, podcasts as well as live concerts and sport events.

That was all for now! These are the 4 apps to listen to music online that we recommend as an alternative to Spotify. Which one do you prefer?


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