Do you love to cook and try new recipes? Or are you perhaps not that much into cooking and the most you can do is a fried egg? Are you tired of cooking the typical and handy dishes and would like to learn new recipes that are a little bit more elaborate?

Whatever your reason is, today we will present a delicious app list that will be your best companion in the kitchen and that will help you learn all types of dishes. Download the apps to your Energy Phone or Energy Tablet, put your cooking skills to the test and surprise your guests with the most delicious recipes. Nothing is impossible if you really want it! Ready?

  • ¿Qué cocino hoy? (What do I cook today?): a great app with more than 3200 offline recipes for all levels: beginner, intermediate and chef. Most recipes are easy to prepare because they come with photos and videos that explain step by step what you have to do. To make things even easier, the app offers three search modes: tittle, ingredients (it tells you what to cook according to the ingredients you have in the fridge) and types of recipes (desserts, meat, fish, snacks, etc). It is the perfect app for those days in which you have some guests at home and you really don’t know what to cook.
  • Recetario Villy (Villy’s cookbook): another essential cooking app that you should have in your smartphone since it gathers thousands of recipes arranged in categories and in alphabetical order that make the search much easier. More than 100,000 registered users upload their own recipes so the recipes quantity and variety keeps on growing day by day. This app is also a sort of social network because it enables users to follow other users, leave comments, share recipes, etc.
  • Canal Cocina (Cooking Channel): now all recipes of the famous TV channel at the palm of your hand thanks to this app. You will be able to search dishes by cook or Cooking Chanel programme but not only that. The app gives you the opportunity to upload your own recipes from your smartphone or tablet, look up things, leave comments and rate proposed recipes uploaded by other users.
  • Nestlé Cocina (Nestlé app): this app will make you fall in love from the very first moment that you start using it due to its contents as well as the attractive and neat user’s interface. You will discover more than 2,000 videos with recipes and tips to learn to prepare easy, tasty and nutritious dishes. Furthermore, every week you will find a proposal of a well-balanced menu consisting of breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. You won’t have to worry about what are gou going to eat since you will be able to choose from rice, meat, fish, salad, dessert, soup and many more dishes. You don’t know how to cook an omelette? This app is perfect for you!
  • Food Planner: this app helps you to create a plan of your daily meals and menus. You will be able to plan your meals easily using your own recipes or adding new free recipes from a website list in several languages. Recipes can be arranged according to tags, something that enables the quick search of meals whenever you need it.

What do you think about our cooking apps selection? Are you ready to discover new recipes? 🙂


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