As you already know, we’ve recently launched our new Energy Multiroom music system to the market. This system is available in two different forms: Energy Multiroom Tower Wi-Fi and Energy Multiroom Portable Wi-Fi.

We are talking about a revolutionary concept that has arrived to change the way we listen to our favourite music at home. With the Multiroom system you’ll be able to choose the songs you want to hear in each room of your house, thus turning yourself into your own orchestra conductor.

Open space, open music: pop-rock in the living room, latin rhythms in the kitchen, chill-out in the bedroom… You decide what you want to hear!

An app to control them all

How does the Energy Multiroom system work?

It’s quite easy: use the Energy Multiroom Wi-Fi app to play the songs stored on your smartphone, switch on a radio station in TuneIn or connect to Spotify and choose the track that you want to hear on each device or decide to play the same song on all devices simultaneously. Exactly! Just as The Lord of the Rings: “An app to control them all”.

But listen: this music system is not based on Bluetooth technology (although both devices have Bluetooth 4.0) but on Wi-Fi connectivity. That’s their main special feature.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to enjoy music without limits or cables

Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, the Multiroom system enables users to control and play their favourite songs as well as to share them across several Multiroom loudspeakers. But that’s not all… You can also pair your smartphone or tablet to the Multiroom Tower and Multiroom Portable Wi-Fi via Wi-Fi 4.0 and listen to your music wirelessly and with no interruptions. Isn’t it cool?

As you can see, the Energy Multiroom music system offers you many wireless connection possibilities to choose from to enjoy a unique experience in order to fill every corner of your house with your favourite songs. Discover a new way of listening and experiencing music! 🙂

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