We know that your curiosity regarding all that has to do with Android has no limits. It happens the same to us. And we are sure that at this point in time you already know lots of tricks, curious things and secrets about your smartphone.

But since we like to take you by surprise, we have selected the most curious functions that your Android telephone is capable of doing and that perhaps you don’t know.


  • Situation: Playing a video game when suddenly, Internet crashes. Let’s say that you’re playing a game in Google Chrome and all of the sudden, Internet stops working and you get that dreadful error message (yes, the one with the dinosaur). KEEP CALM, the world’s not ending. If you touch the screen once, an 8-bit game (similar to the classic Super Mario game although very simple, don’t expect a lot here!) that consists in jumping obstacles will start. But beware! This simple game can be so addictive that perhaps you end up forgetting why you were using Internet in the first place.
  • Set a data usage limit: it has happened to all of us now and then that situation in which only half the month has gone by and we have almost reached our 3G data limit. In order not to be in this situation over and over again and to have more control over your data consumption open Settings > Data usage and select a maximum usage limit. Once you reach this limit, your telephone will send you a notification.
  • Zoom in and out on your device: yes, we know, the most common thing to do is to zoom in and out on images and texts but you can also do this through the mobile phone menus. Touch the screen to zoom in and out on any image. Access Settings > Ease of Access > Magnification gestures and enable the option. This way, you’ll be able to zoom in on screen most of the times by triple-tapping the display three times. A blue frame will appear. Use your index finger and thumb as usual to zoom in and out. To exit this mode, press the screen three more times.
  • Display contact information on screen when the mobile phone is locked: a really useful function. It is true that an important security measure consists in locking your smartphone’s screen (using a password or security pattern), something that we always recommend. In some cases, however, it can be counterproductive. For instance, in case of emergency or accident or if you lost your phone, no one could ever contact you or the people in your contact list since the screen would be locked. In order to avoid this situation and give the person that finds your mobile phone the possibility to contact you or any of your acquaintances, you can show a text with your personal data on the locked screen. How? Open Settings > Security > Owner information. Write the information that you want to be displayed on screen when your mobile phone is locked and select the Show the device owner’s information on the lock screen

Et voilà! That was all for now. What do you think about them? Did you know any of these tricks? Is there any other trick that you want to share with us?


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