Motivation is certainly a key factor when it comes to engaging in physical activity or doing sport, especially when you are starting something new. In running, for instance, motivation is a key ingredient in order not to give up and walk away at the first opportunity.

Running is an activity that requires a great deal of perseverance, determination, eagerness to better yourself and decisiveness. Many people give it a try because it’s very trendy or because their families and friends do it… But not all of them go on with it. The risk of giving up is especially high at the beginning.

It is easy to get tired after a while if we’re not well motivated. Pain in the knees or ankles or that feeling of laziness or boredom can end up winning the battle and pressing us to put those cool trainers that we bought with great enthusiasm away. And we don’t want that to happen, right? Therefore, all we need is motivation.

In that case, there’s nothing better than a good song to come along and motivate us. Or even better: a list of good songs full of rhythm, power and inspiring lyrics. Songs created to encourage us to keep on running, to continue despite being tired, stiff or having to cope with cold weather or stifling heat. Songs that give you all the motivation that you need to start running from the very moment that you start listening to them.

In this post we will present a playlist with 10 songs that cannot be missing in your training sessions. Come on! Take your trainers and your MP3/MP4 player, put your earphones on, turn the volume up and… let’s start covering miles and miles!

  • Eye of the Tiger: There’s no better song to start your training full of energy than the great song composed by ‘Survivor’, famous for being part of the Rocky III soundtrack.
  • Radioactive: This song by Imagine Dragons is perfect to beat the rhythm when you are faced with the most difficult ascents and descents. If you get to the point in which you can’t go on anymore, think about that pink teddy bear that appears in the song’s music video.
  • Something In the Way You Move: Ellie Goulding’s hit combines rhythm, great music and a nice voice that encourages to move and not to stop.
  • Human: listen to this great hit by The Killers and you will be motivated in no time. It’s perfect to finish your training session with a fulfilling sensation after having completed a good distance.
  • Titanium: another song that cannot be missing in your playlist. This great song by David Guetta combined with the powerful voice of Sia helps us to maintain the rhythm throughout the training session and reminds us that we can get very far even if we are not made of titanium!
  • Counting Stars: Don’t be fooled by this song of One Republic because it starts slowly but little by little increases the rhythm. This is the perfect song to start training and little by little increase intensity!
  • One More Night: Warm-ups are essential before starting to run. This song by Maroon V is perfect to warm up or to listen to while you train at medium and low intensity.
  • Wake Me Up: The first guitar strains encourage us to stand up and go out to cover kilometres. That’s why, this song by the Swedish artist Avicii cannot be missing in your playlist.
  • Hot N Cold: We could choose several songs from Katy Perry but we will definitely select this one due to its fast rhythm and funny lyrics.
  • Shake It Off: We end with a song that encourages everybody to move like never before to the rhythm. No matter if we are running, dancing or cleaning the house. Taylor Swift really knows how to keep us going!

What about you? Do you listen to music while you run or train? Which songs do you listen to when you train? Are these some of them? Which playlist would you suggest? Leave us a comment; we will love to know your opinion.

See you in the next post!

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