We all want to save time in our daily life and especially when it comes to our smartphone or tablet. Time is, in fact, precious to all of us and we can never have enough of it.

That’s why we want to present a selection of Android shortcuts in this post. Why wasting more time than necessary in something that could be done faster?


  • Use the notifications bar: if you swipe down from the top of your smartphone screen, you will view all pending notifications at once. You knew that already, right? But if you swipe down once again, you will open the Quick Settings tray. This way, you will be able to set and view other options such as mode (general, silent, vibrate), your mobile data, battery, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without accessing ‘Settings’.
  • Select a word without dragging over it: you will probably know this one but there’s no harm in repeating it. If you click twice on the word, this will be selected automatically and you will be able to copy, paste and so on. This shortcut is quite simple and very useful since it is much easier and faster than dragging your finger all over the word.
  • Decline a call and send a message: as you know, when you get an incoming call, you can accept it by dragging your finger to the right or reject it by dragging to the left. But there is much more than that: you can decline a call and send a message automatically to the person who is calling. How? Slide your finger up the screen and choose one of the pre-set messages that are available.
  • Shortcuts for your contact list: if your contact list is arranged correctly, you will be able to carry out several actions like sending a WhatsApp or email, making a call, viewing your contact Google+ profiles, etc by accessing each contact profile.

So that was all for today. We hope that you find these simple shortcuts useful and that they help you to save time while using your Android device. See you in the next post! 🙂


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