We know you like posts about apps. That’s why we bring for you 5 perfect apps to fully enjoy this summer time. These apps shouldn’t be left out of your smartphone or tablet because they will get you out of trouble. So take a pencil and a piece of paper and write them down. We are sure you will like them!

Festivales: Summer is characterised by music festivals. And our country is a benchmark in this field, since we have all kind of festivals for every taste and style. So if you are an experienced festival-goer and you never miss a single festival, you have to add this app to your smartphone. It will give you essential information about this kind of events, such as posters, location, dates, etc. Furthermore, it will also warn you in the event of last minute changes.  Which festival will you attend this summer? Do you prefer electronic, indie or rock music?

Ultraviolet: Nobody would understand summer without the sun, the beach and a nice suntan… But pay attention! Keep in mind that, sometimes, UV rays can become our most fearsome adversary. We should never be overconfident, not even on a cloudy day at the beach. The idea that “The sun does not beat down today” is not true. Sun, and specially, ultraviolet radiation is always there. For that reason, this app detects the UV radiation level in every place and predicts it for the following day. In this way, you can regulate your exposure to sunlight or apply sunscreen generously if needed.

Chiringuía: What could be better than a beer and a portion of calamari facing the sea? Long live the beach bars! Undoubtedly, they are the soul of any Spanish beach. But of course, every time we go to a new beach and we have to choose a bar, we don’t know which one is better. Don’t panic! Chiringuía will inform you about everything: the menu, the opening hours, the accessibility, the events, the contact details… It will even tell you if it is on the sand or if there is a chill-out area. It will be impossible to make the wrong choice!

Anti-Mosquito: If every summer you are a victim of those small and annoying flying vampires… you definitely need this app. When activated, your phone produces ultrasounds which are imperceptible for you, but very annoying for mosquitoes. But that is not all, as the app can also adjust the frequency depending on the region, since there are many different kinds of species of these insects.

Grill Time: What would become of summer if barbecues did not exist? If you are a fan of grilled meat and vegetables, this app is for you! Grill Time will tell you when exactly the barbecue is ready to add the ingredients, you can choose what are you going to cook and it will indicate the temperature and elaboration time. It will even warn you the moment to turn the meat, solving like this the enigma.

What do you think about these summer apps? Did you know them before? We have run like crazy to the Play Store to download them as quickly as possible. Tell us what do you think about them and do not hesitate to leave your comment for any suggestion you might have. And share if you like them. See you in the next post! 🙂


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