Here you have another interesting post with some tricks for your Android smartphone. You probably know already some of these useful secrets and tips for your device… However, it does no harm to know a few more.

For that reason, we would like to show you on this post three tips to become (or at least to seem to be) an expert, a master… a sensei! of your Android smartphone. Let’s see them:

  • Synchronize your smartphone with your PC: If you want your phone and your computer to be linked in order to control your phone from your computer or laptop, you should connect both devices. How? There are several apps designed for this purpose; one of them is Airdroid, which is completely free. After having downloaded it to your phone and linked it to your computer, it will allow you to control phone calls, messages, contacts, etc. from your PC, without the need to use your phone. What do you think about it? Turn your PC into your Android smartphone!
  • Use the voice commands: As you know, your device can recognize voice commands… So, use them! The microphone is not only available for recording and sending voice notes… It is able to do much more! For instance, turn on Google Now on your smartphone and use it as a personal assistant. Tell him what do you need and he will “listen to you”, even if the screen is locked. Just by saying “Ok Google”, the app will listen to your request… and will show it to you.
  • Take advantage of Google Now: As it is said in the previous point, Google Now is a personal assistant that, even if it is not as known as Siri or Cortana, it enables you to do many things: to send a WhatsApp message to an user, to show the way to get somewhere, take a picture, remind you of an appointment, translate a text or call a contact. And all this just by using voice commands. Download Google Now to your smartphone and let it help you every day.

Did you know about these tricks? Are your smartphone and your PC synchronized? Do you use voice commands? What virtual assistant do you use?

Leave your comments! And if you find them useful… Share them! 🙂







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