With the advent of summer and the long-awaited holidays, we are about to enjoy the beach, the swimming pool, the internal tourism… The sun, the water, the sand, the high temperatures, etc. Those are standard and essential elements in summer. However, those factors can be the most fearsome adversary of our gadgets and they can threaten their lifespan: smartphones, tablets, mp3 / mp4 players, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

We will show you through this post the 9 most common risks our devices have to face every summer in order for you to prevent damages:

  • Sun can be a problem not only for our skin, but also for our dear gadgets. Prolonged exposure of devices with screen (smartphones, tablets, eReaders, etc.), might cause pixelation or reduce colour tonality. The glass could even burst in case of long time exposure. For that reason, it is recommended not to leave our devices exposed to the sun and to store them well or protect them from sunlight when not in use.
  • Water can be another harmful factor. And not only water as a liquid, but also humidity can be highly detrimental. Besides, we should not forget that seawater contains salt and swimming pool water contains chlorine, so their effect is even more harmful, even on submersible devices. For that reason, we recommend you to protect them by using a waterproof or hermetic cover.
  • The third factor is sand, specially the sand of the beach, which is very corrosive and it’s the element that causes the most failures on electronic devices. It cannot only scratch the screen, but also prevent the charging and audio connectors from operating correctly. So, in addition to a good screen protector and a cover, there are universal small silicon plugs for audio and charging connectors of almost any type.
  • Portable speakers are the perfect complement to listen to music in any summer party. But pay attention to soft drinks, beers or other alcoholic drinks; they are bad company for these devices. In order to enjoy their power and reduce the risks, put them away from any liquid.
  • Children are adorable… but they can also be a nightmare for our mobile devices. As they have so much free time during school holidays, kids spend long hours having fun with the gadgets we leave close to them. Pay attention! They can change your tablet or mobile settings; delete songs stored in your mp3/mp4, etc. Our recommendation is to use passwords in these devices.
  • At this time of year, movements of people increase. Apart from that, we love to take our gadgets along with us on holidays. All this increases the risk of failures due to drops and bumps. In order to limit damage, we recommend to protect your devices with covers and screen protectors.
  • We cannot forget about open air sports and activities, such as climbing, hiking, biking, horse riding, etc., that constitute a danger too because of the bumps our devices can receive. In order to avoid damage, it is better not to take them with you when participating in these activities. And, if we do it, we should protect them with covers specifically designed to do this kind of activities.
  • Robberies are also a danger that our electronic devices have to face. Unfortunately, they increase in summer due to distractions at beaches, swimming pools, terraces, beach bars… To prevent them, it is better to carry them with you in your pockets or in a bag, so you can look after them easily. To go to the beach, besides, you can use leak-tight bags to put your keys, money and small devices inside and take them with you into the water in order to not to leave them unattended on the towel.
  • Finally, another major danger is to increase battery wear, influenced by factors such as the heat and greater use. For that reason, we recommend you to take along with you a portable external battery with universal connector in order to not to run out of battery on your devices.

What about you? Are you ready to face these risks? Leave a comment and tell us about it. And if you find them interesting… Share them!


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