Living in the city can be fascinating: there are thousands of leisure and work opportunities, millions of people to meet and hundred places where you can lose your way. Nevertheless, all that glitters is not gold. Loneliness, traffic jams that last hours or not even knowing what to choose from so many options can be some of the most usual problems of living in a big city.

You don’t have to worry, though! In this post we will show you the best 5 apps to enjoy your urban experience to the fullest. Don’t go out before you download them to your smartphone!

JustEat: We all have gone through days in which we don’t feel like cooking anything. Furthermore, if we stop to think about it, those days we don’t even feel like going out but one thing is true: our stomach doesn’t let us get away with it. In such occasions, we need apps like this. It works quite easily: you just have to enter your postcode and a list of nearby restaurants will appear on screen. Through this app, you will also be able to see the menu, choose where you want to pick up the food or decide if you prefer the home delivery service. Such a great idea, isn’t it? By the way, don’t miss this other post aimed at future chefs if one day, by chance, you decide to give cooking a try).

Afterwork: This app will help you quite a lot if you are one of those people that don’t have much time to socialize and get to know people with similar interests and hobbies, people who understand and share the same lifestyle, due to their working schedule. The app will suggest people with similar lifestyles, working experience and interests based on your LinkedIn profile. If you get along well, you will be able to meet after work, that is, you will be able to set what is commonly known as an “afterwork”.

WiFiMap: Rule number 1 of any city is to be permanently connected to the world but sometimes it happens that, more often than we like, data connections don’t work the way we would like them to work. Perhaps, you are somewhere abroad. If that is your case, this app (which is available in the 5 continents) will save your life because it provides a map with the different Wi-Fi locations, both private and for public use. You can also register a new location to access a Wi-Fi network and share the password if that’s what you want.

PideTaxi: Try to stop a taxi by raising your hand and you will find out that this only works in US films. Let’s be honest: We’ve all been on the street, waiting and watching taxis full of people passing by. Pide Taxi was, in fact, created to avoid this kind of situation, a proposal that was initiated by Asociación Radio Taxis de España (Spanish Radio Taxis Association). Apart from getting a taxi fast, which is the app’s main advantage, you can also book a taxi in advance, know where the taxi driver is at all times and follow the route on the map.  Furthermore, you will also be able to know the approximate price of your journey. Quite an useful app to avoid headaches.

Fever: It is true that cities offer thousands of leisure possibilities but sometimes is not easy to be updated with all information on cultural events and entertainment and that’s why, we end up doing what we always do. Fever is the perfect app to break out of your daily routine. You just need to enter your interests, the city that you would like to look up and the app will give you information on the activities that match your interests. Music, cinema, theatre, restaurants, adventure sports, pubs and discos, exhibitions, fashion… The most difficult part will be to choose among all that! You can also add your friends and see what they intend to do. You will be able to buy your tickets through the app without having to wait in line for long periods of time. Fever encourages people to try new places and discover all the things that our city has to offer.

That was all for today… What do you think about these apps? Did you know them? Have you discovered a brand new world by reading this post?

There are certainly other essential apps for pros to discover the city that we haven’t mentioned in this post.  If you know any of them, do not hesitate to tell us about it. 🙂


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