Yes, we are aware of it and we understand you: it’s not easy to disconnect. Not even while on holiday.

Many times, we cannot avoid checking and answering e-mails, phone calls and messages, both personal and professional. Thanks to our smartphones, we can always be “online” and access our emails, phone calls, documents, information, etc. at any time. And that’s great, but be careful: it may become a problem if it doesn’t allow us to disconnect and enjoy life.

As you know, our philosophy is: Life is the best technology. We believe that technology should be a tool to make people’s lives more intense. For that reason, in Energy Sistem we believe in using technology without compromising all good things life has to offer.

Summer is the perfect time to relax, to spend time with family, friends, pets, to leisure activities… In short: ¡To enjoy every moment! Even if this means to turn the phone off and forget about Facebook, Twitter, e-mails and WhatsApp for a while. It doesn’t matter!

To do so, we give you 4 tips to unplug from technology and enjoy summer to the fullest.

  • Limit Internet access: How? Establishing connection timetables. In summer, the network makes us to be in touch with work, even more than phone calls do. Especially the e-mail. Ideally, we should make it clear in our company that we won’t be connected during our holidays. However, if you still have to reply to any urgent e-mail, try to limit the time you spend on that and use your spare time to do other activities.
  • Mute your smartphone: Yes, you read that right. Mute your phone. Nothing will change probably! However, if this is not an option for you, whether for personal or professional reasons, at least, turn off the ringer volume or turn on vibrate mode to not to disturb people around you.
  • Don’t use games and applications too much: Disconnect means disconnect, and that includes games and other entertainment applications. Summer is the right time to relax and disconnect from the daily routine and the tasks we have to do the rest of the year. Even if you are totally addicted to Pokémon Go, remember that summer holidays last just for one month. Take the opportunity to do other things! Spend some time with your family, your partner, do sport, travel, read, go out for a drink, go to the cinema… Pokémon will still be there in September when you come back… For sure!
  • Disconnect also from social networks: This is probably the most difficult thing to do for you, because social networks are ranked second in the list of applications that take more time to smartphones users: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. We know you love to share with your friends and followers your holiday’s experiences: a trip, a dinner, a concert… All right, but don’t miss those moments just because you need to immortalize them. Enjoy them first and then share them, maybe. Don’t you think so?

What do you think of these tips? Will you try to disconnect this summer? Leave your comments to tell us about it and if you find this post interesting, you know: share it! 😉

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