blogcanalAs you already know, theEnergy Phone Pro 4G is one of our top phones.

This smartphone stands out for its elegant design with Corning Gorilla Glass body and aluminium frame. Besides, it is fitted with 5″ HD AMOLED technology screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 processor and 13 MP front camera with autofocus, flash and advanced features, such as time lapse and slow motion.

If your clients ask often about the Energy Phone Pro 4G, maybe they are also interested in getting some accessories to protect it or any Energy product to complement and extend its features. For that reason, we would like to show you today some of the most recommended accessories for this phone, so that you are able to inform and advise your clients.

And of course, we start with the exclusive cases and covers, which are already available for sale.

If your clients need a resistant but also lightweight and elegant case, the Energy Phone Case Pro 4G Navy is perfect for them. Its sophisticated and elegant design will enhance and protect the phone from getting scratched or damaged.

On the other hand, if they rather want a cover to protect not only the terminal itself but also its screen, there are two exclusive covers available for this model: Energy Phone Cover Pro 4G Navy and Energy Phone Cover Pro 4G Pearl.

Both case and cover, in addition to protect the phone, are fitted with a built-in stand to lean the phone and watch videos, films, series and contents in a comfortable way without holding it.

If your clients need more energy because they use WhatsApp a lot, they take lots of photos or they are highly active on social networks, they shouldn’t leave without getting an Energy Extra Battery. They can choose from many different powers and trendy colours for this season: 220025005000 or the biggest one: 10000 Black. A great deal of energy, specially aimed at Pokémon Go fans!

In case your clients prefer a Bluetooth loudspeaker to listen to the songs stored in their Energy Phone Pro 4G wherever they go, wirelessly and with maximum sound quality, don’t forget to recommend the Energy Music Box BZ6 Bluetooth.

The big brother of the Music Box range offers 2.1 sound, 12 W power and more than 24 hours of music thanks to its Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. Besides, you will be able to listen to the FM radio or to the songs stored in your device. This will allow them to discover new music and be always up to date!

So those are some of the complementary products you can recommend to your clients. They can also by the new headphones DJ2 or any of the Energy Tower Bluetooth.

For that reason, don’t forget to inform them so that they are always able to take full advantage of their Energy Phone Pro 4G.

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