It is undeniable: our smartphone comes with us everywhere we go and it has even become an extension of ourselves. A device that we cannot leave at home and we use it for almost everything we do: to call (yes, did you forget about it?), check the e-mails, surf the Net, chat, access our social networks in order to see what is going on and so on.

Smartphones have become an essential element in our everyday lives and we store in them a large amount of data, contacts, media content and files. Content we don’t want to lose, not for anything in the world! All that information, however, can get definitively lost for several reasons, such as in case your phone gets lost, stolen or damaged. What a nightmare!

But KEEP CALM! As we don’t want you to have this problem, we give you some advices in this post in order to keep your data and files always safe.

  • Back up: Android gives us the possibility to back up all our data in order to recover them at any moment if for any reason we lose our smartphone or, if we just want to transfer them from an Android device to another. For instance, when we change our smartphone. Yes, that may seem obvious, but some might not do it, either for laziness, lack of time, or other reasons. And then, they regret it when it’s already too late. In order to back up: go to Settings / Backup and choose Back up my data so the system backs up app data, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings to Google Select also Automatic restore, so when reinstalling an app, the system restores backed up settings and app data
  • Use cloud services available on Android (and totally free): synchronize your contacts with your Gmail account, save your photos in Picassa, your large files in Dropbox or Google Drive and your music in Google Play Music. In addition to access your content from any device and recover it at any moment, you won’t take up space of your smartphone. However, keep in mind that cloud services use bandwidth of our data. So it is recommended to upload files using a Wi-Fi network.
  • Use apps: currently, there are several applications to back up our Android phone. One of the most popular apps is Titanium Backup (which offers free and paid version), even if it has to be noted that in order to use it, you need to root your phone previouslyCM Backup is a good alternative, since you don’t need to root your phone to use it and it allows to back up your contacts, messages, call history, photos, calendar events and alarms.

Now you know how to keep your contacts, data and files safe. We hope you find this post useful and, if you know other apps or advices that may help to protect your Android smartphone content, please leave a comment and tell us about it. See you in the next post! 😉

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