It is said that, in fashion, as in art, there are no established rules. It is clear that, when choosing clothes and style, variety is the spice of life. And there is no accounting for taste.

However, there are always style guides, some rules that indicate us how to match colours, prints and cloths and which ones we shouldn’t match in order to not to get ourselves noticed.

If you are a fashion lover or if you never know what to wear; if you need a small guidance about how to match garments or accessories, if you like to be informed about the latest trends, if you have doubts when choosing your outfit and you would love to have your own stylist in your smartphone, etc. Write down these useful apps:

Pose: It is a fashion magazine rather than an app. First of all, it starts with a welcome style test. After filling it, according to your answers, it will recommend you some fashion experts to follow on the app. You will be able to buy, from the application itself, the outfits of your favourite influencers or just take inspiration from the thousands of outfits that are published every day. In short, a digital style guide that you will be always able to take along with you.

ASAP54: This is the most popular app concerning style searching. To get a sense of it, what Shazam does for music, ASAP54 is doing for fashion. We have all experienced that moment when we fall in love with someone’s outfit on the street. But, of course, we don’t dare to ask the stranger where did he buy it and we just forget about it.

Solution: from now on, you will be able to make him a picture and upload it to the app in order to discover where was it bought or to find similar looks. But this is just the tip of the iceberg: we can also synchronize the app with our Instagram and use any picture to find outfits. The best part: you can by straightaway through the app all you see on it. Forget about links to other websites that make purchasing process longer. I see it and I want it: easy-peasy.

As if this were not enough, the app integrates also a tool to compare prices, so that you always find the most suitable option for your budget.

Whatoweather: Raise your hand if you have never filled your suitcase with stuff you took “just in case”. I take this in case it’s hot; this in case it rains or if it’s cold…” Yes, we have all been through that. But that is over now: this is the perfect app to combine meteorology and fashion.

Whatoweather uses your location to give you detailed information about weather. But this one is not its main function (there are other apps to do so), but suggesting stylish looks according to meteorology. This will allow you to be always fabulous whatever the weather. As you can imagine, this app is perfect for weekend breaks and for the seasons when the weather is unexpected.

You see: technology is linked to almost everything in life, even fashion. These are just three apps that can help us dress stylishly but, if you search a bit more, you will certainly find many more.

What about you? ¿Which one among these 3 apps you find more helpful? Do you know any other app to be always stylish? Leave a comment and tell us about it! 😉

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