The BBC Earth has announced the trailer of its future documentary series Planet Earth II. A new version ten years after the original series was made. It is very likely that you have already seen the trailer on the Internet and you have been impressed by the heroic deed of an iguana facing a group of snakes. And if you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to do so. It will probably be the best thing you will see today:

This trailer seems promising and Internet has gone crazy with the great performance of the iguana to escape.

Earth Planet II brings us to 40 different countries, but there is one place much more remote than the others and which has been barely recorded: Zavodovski Island, which is located South Atlantic, in the Sandwich Islands archipelago. Let us just say that this island has a volcano which is inhabited by 1.5 million penguins.

This series has already been shown in the United Kingdom and it has made a big impression there. There is a huge difference between the series Earth Planet 2006 and the current one concerning production and photography, the places that have been explored and the way they are presented. And, as usual, nature will surprise us in every episode.

As we always say: Life is the best technology 🙂

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