We hear more and more news about the lack of safety on the Internet: public figures whose accounts have been hacked, personal data being shared, bank accounts drained, swindles, etc. Maybe all this seems to be happening far away from us, but this is probably what the first victim thought. So it might be of interest to learn some tips and tricks to prevent it!

We have made at Energy Sistem a basic but necessary compilation about tips which we consider useful to surf the Net safely:

  1. If you are looking for a website or application about some specific issue and you find a website you don’t know at all which asks you to type unnecessary personal data to sign up, be suspicious of it. The most helpful way to figure out whether something is a scam or not is to ask opinions about it via an Internet search engine. Sometimes, we can find articles or comments in forums that criticise and inform against websites that attempt to scam users.
  2. If a pop-up window opens and asks you to fill in your personal data, close that window and ignore the message. Nobody will give you as a gift a trip around the world or a million Euros just because you are surfing the Net. If only that were true!
  3. Awaken your primal instincts. This might seem silly, but if you are suspicious of something or someone on the Internet, get away from it. When you feel that something doesn’t look good, avoidance is better than taking risks.
  4. The most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer always allow the private browsing mode. If you have doubts or if you prefer not to use cookies every time you search something in the Internet, this option is perfect for you. This Wikihow article explains how to use it.
  5. If you are using a public computer, don’t forget to log out on all windows you logged in previously. Otherwise, the next person that uses that computer will be able to access your account.

Internet is a huge changing environment, so it’s always good to be careful with it. To conclude, we would love to know the tricks you use to protect your privacy and keep your data safe on the Internet. Don’t hesitate to write them in the comments and do your bit.

See you soon!

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