Sometimes, however much we love our favourite artists, we crave for new music. It is also true that we do not always make a good guess when doing some research or we simply do not know how to find groups that match our style.

This is why we want to share with you a list of websites and applications so that you can refresh your playlist.

Last Fm

Last Fm suggestions of similar artists are a good way to find new music that you’re likely to love. You will only have to search a group that you fancy at and then select ‘similar artists’ in the tool bar. The results are usually pretty good.


Spotify features an interesting option called ‘Discover’. This section offers a recommended playlist according to what you listen to. Moreover, you also have the ‘Explore’ section, where you can browse and search for genres or moments.


If you’re an indie music enthusiast and you like to be up to date with new artists or groups, Soundcloud is meant for you. This is possible because of the fact that any musician may upload his tracks, with neither obstacles nor intermediaries. This is why it is a selection of artists that have just begun and want to make themselves known, and many of them look really good.


If you’re one of those who are keeping an eye at concert schedules and you fancy going to festivals, you’re really going to love this app. There is no better way to discover new artists than attending concerts that match your music style. Bandsintown is an app that presents a calendar with upcoming concerts and the artists that are participating. This will allow you to make a plan with your friends in advance. Who knows, maybe you fall in love at first ‘track’ with a group you didn’t know.


This web works as a film, music and book browser. Once inside, you just have to enter the group or artist’s name and then it will create a list of recommendations of similar artists. The interface may go a little bit slow, but the results are pretty accurate.

At Energy, we encourage you to give these options a try and put new songs in your life.

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