We are glad to announce that our new catalogue is now available in digital form as well as in its printed version. You will find there our new loudspeakers, headphones and smartphones.

It may look odd to still have printed catalogues in the digital era, but this decision has not been taken at random since we can find studies that explain why they are still important. According to a report prepared by the Direct Marketing Association in the USA, 31 % of respondents had a catalogue at hand when purchasing a product online, 45 % affirmed that the catalogue increased their interest in the products and 86 % declared that they had seen the product in a catalogue before buying it.

Catalogue 2016

Therefore, it is quite clear that the printed catalogue has still room as a marketing tool to enhance brand perception and encourage buyers to purchase their products in a world deeply influenced by technology.

The digital version of our catalogue is also available in our web:


If you wish to get its printed version you can contact your sales representative.

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