Unfortunately, many of us know how it feels like to drop our mobile phones in the water because of a clumsy move or oversight. This is a mess that we should solve as soon as possible so it doesn’t become a major problem.

That’s why, at Energy Sistem, we have decided to publish this article to remember the most well-known and effective alternatives to bring your mobile back to life. We will see among them the classic rice solution, the Waterrevive pouch and a few pieces of advice on what you should NOT do if your smartphone fell into the water.

The rice solution

This is the most well-known option, but it doesn’t mean it’s less effective. Rice is like a sponge, it absorbs water and humidity incredibly (you just have to observe it when you boil it: rice grains start to swell and water starts to go low). This is a pretty simple solution: as soon as you take your mobile phone out of the water, put it in a bowl full of rice for 48 hours and wait for magic. There are some other products or materials that absorb water that you could also use, but rice is something we always have at home and this is why this solution is so widespread. Anxiety is the only side effect of that you’ll experience it during those two days where you won’t be able to use your phone. But as we say here, enjoy and chill, ‘life is the best technology’ 🙂

Waterrevive pouch

Waterrevive is a company that sells pouches containing a blue liquid capable of bringing your phone back to life. They are quite easy to use. You just have to put the phone inside the pouch for 7 minutes, take it out and let it dry for 24 hours. After these steps, your phone should turn on and work without problems.

To conclude, we want to give you four pieces of advice that you should follow if you don’t want the situation to get worse.

  1. Take it out of the water immediately. Get a piece of cloth or a towel and dry it carefully. Be cautious and do not let water droplets seep into any port or slot.
  2. Do not move your phone. Although you may feel tempted to press the power/lock button or any other buttons to check if it works, don’t do it. These movements and pressure will only make water leak inside the device.
  3. Turn off the phone. If the phone has a removable battery, remove it to prevent a short circuit so that it won’t turn off immediately. If this is not the case, turn it off by pressing the power button.
  4. It is generally crucial to remove any component or accessory from the smartphone (cards, battery, phone case) in order to dry them out separately.

This is our advice to prevent disastrous results when your phone falls into the water.  If you know any effective solution or piece of advice that has been useful for saving your phone, don’t hesitate to write a comment below.

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