Benefits of buying in our online store

We are more and more prone to home shopping, quietly sitting on the couch, without stress and calmly checking the options available. For that reason, every time you add a product to your basket, you get 10% discount on a selection of accessory products.

In Energy, we want you to enjoy shopping online even more than you already do, that’s why we offer special benefits to those who decide to use our virtual basket. You don’t know what we are talking about? Have a look!

Energy Experience Services

–      Every month there are special offers you should take advantage of. Check our monthly special offers.

–      Free 30-day trial period for selected products.

–      Energy Club benefits: activate the 36-month warranty, take part in our monthly raffles or get all the latest news on our blog.

–      If you buy a smartphone, tablet or eReader, you can take out a screen damage insurance or Premium insurance. It’s very easy! You can find all information here.

Energy Support

–      36 months warranty for your product.

–      Our technical support is available to help you with any problem or technical query you may have.

–      Customer support through live chat. Do you have any questions? Contact us via our chat and we will help you!

Energy Renewal

Replace your old device making a simple request. Depending on the product, we will give you some Energies to replace it with a new one. Furthermore, you will be able to use the Energies you had in your Energy Club account.

We love to take care of you! 🙂

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