Our mobile phones are increasingly becoming an extension of our body. Most of us should admit that we are to a greater or lesser extent addicted to our mobile phones. Maybe you identify yourself with some weird things we normally do such as checking you phone even if you haven’t got any notification sound, unlocking the screen purely out of habit, feeling that the world is coming to an end when you forget it at home… Yes, we all have experienced that.

For that reason, taking advantage of these specific dates, we would like to highlight 3 apps that will help you in a funny and educational manner to put your phone aside and focus on having fun with your loved ones. Let’s set aside screens for a while on these dates!


Forest is an app based on the Pomodoro method so that you focus on a single activity for 25 minutes straight without checking your phone.

Under that premise, Forest enables you to plant a pretty virtual tree that will grow only if you are able to wait half an hour before unlocking your smartphone. Great challenge, isn’t it? Every 30 minutes you succeed, the tree will grow. When the countdown is over, you will be able to unlock your phone and see the vigorous tree planted in your garden. The aim is to have as many trees as possible planted in your garden.

Android: Free

iOS: 0.99 €


The FaceUp application will allow you to test how addicted you are to your phone, how much time do you spend with the apps you use the most and what is the evolution of how you use your phone, among other functions.

FaceUp creators are expert on consumer behaviour, so we can say this application aims to help to overcome mobile phone addiction and it offers very interesting data.

Android: Free

iOS: Free


This app based on the principles of Tai-Chi helps you to concentrate and relax through your smartphone screen. Pause allows you to move your finger slowly on the screen and, according to them, it helps you to concentrate in a matter of minutes. The background music is designed to focus on what you are doing.

Android: 1.99 €

iOS: 1.99 €

That’s all concerning the most interesting apps we have found to put your phone aside for a while. What about you? Do you know other applications that we haven’t mentioned? We will be delighted to read your comments 🙂


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