Airbnb was born as a platform that allows the owners of houses around the world to rent their place or just one room for travellers to lodge. This way, users can enter the website and book their accommodation.

But, from last week, Airbnb is not only an application to lodge in private houses. It has made a big progress: now you can plan activities from Airbnb thanks to its last update called ‘Experiences’.

‘Experiences’ is a section of the website that enables to organize a whole trip. The adventures are shown in the website as film posters to let the traveller take centre stage and transform their trip into a film. This section allows you to book experiences organized by persons living in the place you are travelling to and gain thus first-hand knowledge of the typical experiences of that place. There is a wide range of ‘adventures’: sports, charitable purposes, nature, shows, food and art.

This way of travelling may be of interest to those who do not want to be the typical tourists that visit the most known places that are indicated in travel guides. ‘Experiences’ will allow you to know and feel what local professionals do.

There are two ways to use this new Airbnb function:

Being the host. If you are passionate about something and you would like to share it with anyone that might be interested in, you can organize an experience in your city so that people get to know what you do. A host can be a mountaineer, a chef, a volunteer working for charity or just someone that knows well the legends related to that place and can teach to the rest the secrets of his neighbourhood. The host can organize a short experience for just some hours or an experience that lasts some days. Choose what suits you best!

Being the traveller. If you want to travel somewhere and have someone living there to show you what doesn’t appear in travel guides, you are going to love this. When you indicate the place you want to visit, you will be able to see the experiences organized by hosts and choose your favourite one.

We can define this new Airbnb identity as an alternative travel agency that offers a lot of leisure and cultural activities organized by the citizens.

This is wonderful for those who do not want to be the ‘typical tourist’, but to get to know the culture and the way of living of those who know well the place: local citizens.

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