If you barely have time to organise your holidays, don’t worry. There is always someone who has been in the same situation before and has created an app to ease the way with your Energy Phone or Energy Tablet. Have a look at this selection of the best apps to travel this Christmas.


It’s one of the most known apps among those who prefer to get away from the daily routine and take a breath in a nice country cottage or hotel. It will give us not only information about lodging, but also about nearby tourist attractions and the best restaurants to enjoy regional food.


If you need to find a low-cost flight for your Christmas trip, this app includes a search engine to find the cheapest possibilities from the closest airport to your favourite destination. For those who love adventures, there is also an option to check the cheapest flights available from the airport they choose to any destination.


This is one of the most known apps to locate places we would like to visit. Thanks to one of the latest updates, it allows us to download the maps we want to the app to have a look at it abroad without Internet connection.


We will find surely a lot of monuments, typical dishes or restaurants we will want to write down in order to search information about them when we are back home. Evernote will allow us to create reminders so we can keep those notes easily.

These options offer us many ways to organize ourselves with a goal: To enjoy the trip!

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