If you have an Android Smartphone and you like to get the most out of it, keep reading this quick lesson.

Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

Android 5.0 and 6.0 allow you to share your smartphone Internet connection with other devices. To do so, you just have to go to Settings>Wireless & networks (or Tethering, depending on the Android versions). Inside this option, you will have to enable the “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” inside “Tethering & portable hotspot”. If you don’t see that option, it might be because you have a different version, but you can enable the Mobile Hotspot through the Tethering option. Et voilà! Share your Wi-Fi with other devices easily.


You can find these settings in the top bar, where the notifications are. If you want to access them without reading your notifications, drag two fingers instead of one and it will automatically bring you to the shortcuts.

Secret codes

If you dial the code *#*#4636#*#* in the call menu, a new window will open and you will be able to check your phone information, the applications usage statistics and the Wi-Fi technical information.

Disable notifications

When an application displays too many notifications, you can turn them off via the application information. It’s so simple.

Storage almost full

If you see a notification informing you that the storage is almost full and you don’t want to remove any applications or pictures, you can free up space by clearing applications cache. To do so, go to Settings>Storage>Cached data.

Easter egg

All Android versions have a unique and special Easter egg. In order to see it, go to “About phone” and then press repeatedly “Android version”. And then you will see the little egg.

These are the most useful and interesting tricks that we want to share with you. Do you like them? What tricks do you know about Android? Leave a comment and tell us about them! 🙂

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