It is time to make the most of one of the most used apps on a daily basis. With more than 900 million active users per month, WhatsApp is a must-have tool in our everyday lives. Most of us install the app and just start using it, ignoring all the privacy options we can set up to control our personal data.

That’s why we would like to show you some tricks to set it up on our smartphones.

1-   Access the app settings.

Menu button > Settings > Account > Privacy

2-   From this menu you will be able to change the settings for every utility:

Share your Last Seen

Do I want my contacts to know if I read their messages? If your answer is “mmmm… not really”, this option will enable EVERYONE, YOUR CONTACTS OR NOBODY to know it.

Profile photo

Maybe you don’t want everyone to see your selfie with your nephews. To avoid this, this setting allows you to control whether you want all users that text you on WhatsApp, only your contacts or nobody to see it.


Yes, you are really happy you found your new job. But what if you don’t want your former boss to read it? This option will allow you to change it and set up your personal data.

As you can see, it is absolutely necessary to set your privacy settings on your smartphone. Perfect to get your device ready!


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