This post is about myths and facts relating the smartphone world. How many times have you heard that you should charge a new phone for 12 hours before use? And what about drying out your phone in rice after dropping it into water? We analyse and answer here below 5 widespread rumours.

The more megapixels, the better the camera. FALSE

Megapixels are not the only, or even the most important, factor to measure photo quality. The brightness of the lens and the quality and size of the sensor are the main factors to be considered when measuring quality. For that reason, a phone with fewer megapixels but higher lens quality can be better than another phone having more megapixels and lower quality.

I can dry out my phone in rice after dropping it into water. TRUE

Rice is a great ally in such cases. As explained in this post, this ingredient has an amazing absorption capacity, so added to some other steps, submerging your phone in rice is a very good option.

I must charge my new smartphone for 12 hours before use. FALSE

Nowadays, most phone batteries are made of lithium, so this remedy is no longer valid. This was implemented when batteries were made of nickel-cadmium, so this method is currently out of date. Indeed, it is recommended not to charge the Lithium battery all the way to 100% and not to allow it to fully discharge.

Black wallpaper can save your phone’s battery. TRUE

This is not always true, as it works only in smartphones with LED displays. Those displays don’t use energy when using black background. However, this is not the same on LCD displays, so it doesn’t matter which background you choose.

Phone must be switched off to charge the battery. FALSE

The fact of switching off your phone to charge the battery just helps to charge it faster. The reason is simple: there is no application running that could use the battery. It doesn’t make a big difference to charging speed anyway.

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