In Spanish, it is very common to write ‘jajaja’ in a conversation on social networks or on the Internet to express laughter. It is quite normal to us and, why not? There should be even more ‘jajaja’ out there. Cheerful people make us happy!

At Energy Sistem we know how necessary laughter is. That’s why we wanted to find out what are the onomatopoeias for it around the world. You will find below a guide to learn how to write laughter in other languages:

Spanish: jajaja

English: hahaha or LOL

LOL = Laughing Out Loud

French: hahaha, LOL and MDR

MDR = mort de rire (dying of laughter)

Italian: ahahah

Korean: kekeke or kkkk

Japanese: www

More ‘w’ can be added depending on how funny the joke is.

Greek: xaxaxa

Now you know that if a Greek texts you ‘xaxaxa’, it does not necessarily mean that he or she wants to dance! They pronounce ‘x’ as Spaniards pronounce ‘j’.

Hebrew: xà xà xà

It is similar to Greek but, also in this case, this is not an invitation to dance.

Thai: 5555

This number is pronounced as the Spanish ‘ja’, that’s why they use number 5 to write it.

Nigerian English: LWKMD

Laugh Wan Kill Me Die = I’m dying of laughter

Icelandic: híhí, haha or hehe

Brazilian Portuguese: huehuehue or rsrsrs


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