The last Google Maps update offers some characteristics that will improve your daily experience with the app. You can now share your list of favourite places, add multiple destinations to your navigation route or add shortcuts to the home screen of your smartphone. Keep reading to discover how to take advantage of these new features.

First of all, you can now share your lists of favourite places thanks to the new Google Maps update. Imagine that you want to text your mother to recommend to her one of the restaurants you discovered in your city in the last month. Now you can directly share your list of favourite places. Furthermore, you will have the chance to discover real leisure guides created by users, since lists can be shared publicly on your social network profiles.

Another Google Maps feature is the possibility of adding multiple destinations to your route. If you are on your way to work but you need to change your course to go somewhere else, shop at the supermarket or refuel, don’t worry. You have now the option of adding all these intermediate points to your usual route and the app will calculate the total time for your journey.

Finally, you can also create shortcuts to the points on the map named HOME or WORK and they will be shown as icons on the home screen of your smartphone. This will allow you to gain direct access to your daily routes so that Google Maps can inform you about the potential problems on roads and find alternative routes.

This Google application that came to be indispensable since it was created is now updated with new features to help you in your everyday life. Remember, you can now download the new update in Google Play and enjoy all these features.

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