How many times have you told yourself you would start practising sport? If your answer has always been ‘maybe tomorrow’, you should start with some easy guided exercises at home. It is always hard to get into a fitness routine, but once you create the habit… your body demands it!

If you have no time to go to the gym or you don’t feel like it, this amazing app will help you to know which exercises you can make and how to make them. It is a good way to start your tailor-made training routine gradually.


This application helps you to give your best training for 7 minutes without stopping. There are 13 types of training and more than 30 different exercises. This app tries to get you tired and make you use all your strength during these minutes


Sworkit offers a lot of exercises, so you can choose the ones that suit your needs best: from stretching exercises to yoga. Choose what you prefer and let yourself be guided by some tutorials that teach you to make the exercise correctly.


One of the most complete apps to train seriously. This app will select exercises for you according to your goal (weight loss, keeping fit, health) and physical conditions. Furthermore, its paid version will suggest a food strategy you can implement.

30 DÍAS (30 DAYS)

The new feature of this application is that it creates a 30-day training programme for you and exercises are more and more difficult every day.

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