If you are packing your suitcase to go on holiday at Easter, these tips will help you get the most out of your devices.Enjoy the trip!

1- Always keep your battery charged

You never know when will you need your phone to capture a meaningful moment. For that reason, we recommend you to carry an Energy Extra Battery in order to always have the battery life you may need. This will allow you to immortalize monuments or places you may find in your path at any time.

2- The best photos with your smartphone

As we previously mentioned, The Rule of Thirds is the best trick to compose any kind of photo properly. This will allow you to take the best pictures of landscapes anywhere at any moment.

3- Guides to orient yourself in the city

Somme apps such as Google Maps, TripAdvisor or Waze will help you to find the best roads to travel, discover the top-rated restaurants according to their clients, or what are the journey times from one point to another. Specifically, Google Maps allows you to download the maps of the places where you travel to and use them without an Internet connection.

These recommendations will help you enjoy your Easter break. Go for it!

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