A few days ago, most media headlines reported a cyber-attack that has affected a lot of companies around the world. Everything seems to be under control, but many people made a great fuss to remind people about the vulnerability of current computer systems.

Leaving aside this negative point of view, and even though experts state that total protection is unachievable, we, as users, can do something to prevent threats and viruses.

Here you have our 5 quick tips + 1 bonus tip

–      Use antivirus software and update it whenever possible.

–      Update your operating system to its latest version.

–      Do not trust emails sent from suspicious addresses.

–      Do not open attached files without running an antivirus scan. If the risk is too high, do not open the email or delete it.

–      Avoid downloading files from unknown websites. You should always download them from official websites.

Last but not least: always use common sense. If your instinct warns you about something suspicious, stop and proceed cautiously.

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