Dear all,

Today we want to show you some tips that maybe you already know. However, these are essential for a good e-commerce strategy:

– Reach and hold a good web position:

It is essential to have a highly visible website so that clients find us easily. This is why it is important to constantly work on our web position both through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

– User experience and functionality:

Once potential clients pay a visit to our website, we must ensure that they find easily what they are looking for, since users may lose interest because of too many unnecessary steps.  The website must be well divided into sections and high quality images of optimal size should be used  in order not to slow down page loading speed.

– Trust:

Building trust takes time and is the result of working with our clients. However, there are some other aspects that may help us improve in this regard. We recommend using an appealing web design that conveys a professional image and shows other users’ impressions on past purchases, verified payment methods and contact details that can be seen easily, including the headquarters’ address.

– Satisfaction is the best loyalty campaign:

After all the efforts made to attract new customers, don’t you think that we should convince them to come back? This is exactly why we should continue to ensure that all services and conditions indicated on our website are fulfilled. Do not set delivery times that you cannot meet, since clients will feel deceived and might not come back. A good shopping experience is key if we want them to think about us in the future.


Of course those are just quick tips inside the complex world of e-commerce, but we hope they might help you improve.

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