Discover the perfect sound systems to throw the best parties at home. We explain below what are their main features, so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Let’s go!

  • Energy Multiroom Tower Wi-Fi: Play your favourite music through your mobile phone or your tablet and the Wi-Fi connection at home. You will be able to control it! Turn up the volume at your parties with the 2.1 sound system and its 60 W power.
  • Energy Multiroom Portable Wi-Fi: Take the Multiroom experience everywhere around your house wirelessly. Just like the Energy Multiroom Tower Wi-Fi, this portable speaker allows you to play your music via your Internet connection at home.  Furthermore, you can control playback via the app, which is available for Android and iOS.

And one last tip: Do you want to connect an Energy Multiroom Tower and an Energy Multiroom Portable at the same time? The Multiroom technology allows you to synchronise both to control playback in each device. You can play the same song or create different musical environments at home: Relaxation music for the living room and dance music in the garden!

Besides, if you buy now the House Pack or the Duo Pack, you will get two devices at a discount. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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