If you’re thinking about replacing your old phone, here you have all the options available to transfer all your contacts and not to lose any of them.

Step 1. Export contacts to your phone

The first option is to export all contacts to save them on your phone and transfer them to your new smartphone. To do this, just go to the Contacts app and select the Export contacts option. Choose all contacts and the destination of the file you are going to export. This allows you to save the file on your MicroSD card and transfer the information to the other smartphone without any problems

2. Synchronize your contacts with Gmail/ Transfer numbers with the microSD card

You will find below two options for transferring contacts.

The first option is to sync the phone numbers you want to save to your Gmail account. To do this, you just need to access your profile through the contact.google.com page, then go to the top left menu and select Import contacts. At this point you have to choose the file you have previously created and saved on your smartphone. Now you have all your phone numbers available to synchronize them on any device through your account.

The second way is to transfer the contacts file directly through the microSD card. When you insert it into the second smartphone, go to Contacts and select the Import contacts option to store them all in your new device.

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