The time has come. Are you ready?  It’s time for you to feel the new Hi-Fi audio system with 120 W real power. The new Energy Tower 8 g2 provides with high fidelity every corner of your house.

Optical audio connexion with the highest quality

Fill your home with the digital audio. What are the advantages? The optical audio connection is transmitted via fibre optics and it can transmit sound with the highest quality, uncompressed. Welcome to your new high-end sound system.

Feel the music. You can enjoy now a clearer sound thanks to its silk dome tweeter that allows you to appreciate trebles.

Living is connecting

You have a thousand ways to connect with your entertainment. Thanks to the digital audio connection you can boost the sound of your TV or video game console with the highest quality. And you can also connect several Energy Tower 8 g2 to each other. The best part? Only you can set the limit of the experience.

Play your music through these connections: Bluetooth with up to 10 m range, USB sticks and microSD cards or 3.5 mm mini jack input. Or if you prefer, the sound tower features FM Radio and RDS system to view what you are listening to on the front LCD screen.

Your music, even from a distance

Enjoy wireless playback. In addition to being able to enjoy Bluetooth connection with any of your devices, you can use the remote control to control all functions in a simple way. You rule the roost.

Charge your devices with your sound tower

Forget about external chargers while you enjoy the Energy Tower 8 g2. You have now a charging port for your smartphone, tablet or any other device.

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