The light emitted by the smartphone prevents a restful sleep at night. For that reason, one of the key recommendations is to turn off notifications at night.

Most applications allow you to turn off notifications and set them as needed. Concerning WhatsApp, you can mute conversations individually from the settings menu, so you can allow only notifications of the most important contacts.

Allow DO NOT DISTURB mode on your smartphone

With the Android 6.0 version you will have available one of the most useful tools to use on your day-to-day life. The DO NOT DISTURB mode allows you to mute all apps or only those you set as “priority”.

To enable the DO NOT DISTURB mode you only have to access the quick settings in the notifications bar. You can choose the mode you prefer by pressing on DO NOT DISTURB. You can also select the time this mode will be enabled on your phone. For example, you can enable it from 11.00 pm to 8.00 am from Monday to Friday.

From this menu you can access the panel of priority notification apps. If you press on the screw icon you will see when pressing on “Priority” you will access the configuration settings of the apps you consider to be a priority. You can also access this menu from “notification settings” on Settings, select the app and set it as priority.

Finally, you can also select in this mode to allow notifications of calls from a known number. As an emergency, notifications will be on when calls from unknown numbers when they call several times

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