Is it worth taking photos in RAW format with my phone? If you understand the basic photography concepts, you have probably wondered this already. In the last few years, the RAW format has become famous in the world of photography. But, what does it mean?

What is RAW format?

When we talk about RAW, we are talking about the way the camera sensor stores information. In this format, the sensor gets more information than in JPEG format. That leads us to the following conclusions:

  • It is not possible to zip files in this format
  • It collects more data concerning black and white colours on photos

Due to the particularities of this format, we are going to show you its advantages and how can you use it with your phone’s camera:

  1. It gets more information about de picture

This increases dynamic range of the image. In other words, we can edit the photo without losing quality. We can lighten shadow areas or darken light areas so no image information is lost. This way, you will have further editing options to get perfect photos.

  1. Take full advantage of your phone’s camera

If your phone features RAW quality for your pictures, why not try it? This allows you to take full advantage of your photos and get professional quality photos.

  1. There are many RAW image editing apps available

Our first recommendation is VSCO, of which we have spoken on previous occasions. Since its recent update in December last year, this fantastic tool allows you to edit your RAW images and get spectacular results.

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